Who I am

My name is Michal and I'm from Lemgo, Germany.

I develop native mobile Apps since 2009
and I love to design awesome and useful mobile UI and UX.

In the past I organized and presented some guest lectures and workshops in my main topic mobile usability at Beuth Hochschule in Berlin.

Oh and I wrote a book with my colleague Thorsten Stark about mobile usability. Look for the decent hint on the left...

Everything you need to know about mobile App usability is written on 160 pages full of all relevant informations, checklists and secrets about designing a really great UI and UX for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and cross platform Apps.

You can buy it on amazon.


Stuff I do

I do a lot of things.
Some of them are for fun, some of them are for business.

  • mobile UX design

  • Lots of Mac stuff

  • Project management

  • A little bit coding

  • Photography

  • Writing

Did I mention, that I am very productive while I am on the road?


Being productive while on the road

I remember the first time I read about digital nomads. People like you and me who work and live everywhere they want to. Their Jobs? Everything for which you need just a notebook and an internet connection. No matter if designers, online marketeers, programmers.

Working while you live in exciting cities like Bangkok, Hanoi, Tokio or Chiang Mai can boost your productivity level to a maximum. Even working from the beach will make you work more efficient than in a office.

The digital nomad lifestyle is more a hobby than my real lifestyle - actually, I'd love to change it.

But as long as I work on place I try to organize my life in the way Tim Ferris described in his bestseller The 4-hour workweek.
You don't know what I am talking about?
Read his book - you will love it.
I guarantee it.

The 4-hour workweek (english)

Die 4-Stunden Woche (deutsch)

When I'm on the road I don't like to carry heavy books around, and I read a lot of them. Thats why I love my kindle paperwhite.